Overweight and Oversize Permits

Any freight is a very demanding process requiring not only good knowledge of mechanical nuances, but also knowledge of legal aspects, as documentation is also important.

Each procedure should be performed in a coherent manner to let you know for sure that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound. In this regard, oversize and overweight load maintains a leading position in labor intensiveness and responsibility. Our company is ready to take over this task and fulfill it quickly, qualitatively and inexpensively. Our activity sphere includes:

  1. Determination of load specifications. We offer optimal delivery methods.
  2. Selection of the most suitable method of process mechanization.
  3. Development of load securing scheme.
  4. Freight insurance.
  5. Execution of all necessary documents.

We appreciate and respect our customers who contact us, so we are ready to organize oversize load transportation and execute overweight truck permits within a very short time.

Oversize and Overweight Load Regulations

To perform this process without a hitch, it is necessary to choose a company that will be able to organize this on the highest level and to offer optimal overweight permit costs. If you are interested in overweight cargo transportation, we can help you, as we have everything necessary for this:

  1. Wide choice of specialized equipment: a huge vehicle fleet with different overweight vehicles designed for fulfilling different tasks.
  2. Team of qualified specialists who can consider all details and control all stages:
    • engineers develop individual load securing schemes, due to which the process of oversize and overweight cargo transportation is simple and safe;
    • professional loaders deal with the most suitable transportation route and take into account all the factors (roadway load, dismantling, etc.);
    • managers are responsible for documentation and will be able to bypass oversize load restrictions.

So, only in our company you will be consulted by experienced specialists who can offer several options and discuss all the details of the further cooperation with you.

We guarantee that our company will realize projects intelligently and create favorable conditions for one-time cooperation turning into long-term and mutual friendship. In contrast to analog companies identifying themselves as professional freight forwarders, we guarantee that with us you will never face an unexpected price increase. Oversize load permit cost is calculated under the customer’s guidance, due to which you will always know on what your money are spent. Why is it worth choosing us?

  1. We fulfill processes within the specified time frames.
  2. We guarantee maximum protection of the load from extraordinary circumstances: we are able to foresee any result and be ready for this.
  3. Our company is notable for affordable price policy.

We are aware of all oversize load lighting requirements and can transport overweight cargo in accordance with them.